Bob Anderson Memorial Banner 3

Tribute to Coach Bob Anderson – February 10, 2024

We start our Senior Night by honoring Bob Anderson, our beloved friend, mentor, and family member who passed away last September while coaching his ‘Stoga Girls – he was doing what he loved surrounded by some of the hockey people he loved most.

We would like to draw your attention to the wall next to the Zamboni doors and the banner memorializing Bob, right under the Championship banners he helped us win and was so very proud of. Bob will continue to watch over us from his vantage point right behind our goalie.

Bob’s family was the most important thing in his life, he loved them above all, and we are delighted his wife Hally, daughter Helen, son-in-law Sean, his son Malcolm and his girlfriend, Sam join us tonight to honor a man we all loved so profoundly and to celebrate his life. We wish to express our gratitude to Bob’s family for sharing Bob’s time and love with us, we are forever grateful.

Bob Anderson was a great player, but also a magnificent coach who expertly taught the fundamentals of hockey while simultaneously motivating his players. Bob taught us the difference between being a Hockey Player and merely playing hockey.

He was a consummate Goalie coach from the standpoint of technique, strategy, and mental strength. He coached dozens of goalies, making each one better and making each team better as a result.

Bob was a unique individual, a gifted writer and amazing orator. He spoke his mind with refreshing honesty and showed you exactly who he was and how he felt. When he was speaking to you, he had an uncanny ability to make you feel like you were the only person in the world who mattered. And he brought that to our entire Moose Family – when you were talking with Bob you were special.

Bob was the most reliable person ever but also the most unpredictable and lacking in conformity. He had an amazing sense of humor and his filterless comments, made us laugh uncontrollably at times.

Bob wore his heart on his sleeve, he loved our players and being part of the Moose Family. Bob felt deeply and was not shy with his emotions, he shed many tears of joy with our players and coaches, lamented the departure of every senior, because he would simply miss them too much, and would always give us the best of himself; we all knew that in Bob we had a friend for life.

Bob stood by your side when adversity knocked and shared in your joys and accomplishments when those came.

Bob loved all things Moose, our philosophy, the way we conducted ourselves and did things for the right reasons and for love of one another. Bob used to say, “Moose is a Thing” and “Moose Plays for Love” finally putting into words the one thing that defines our family: LOVE!

Bob was impactful and although he has left our physical world, his spirit and presence remain strong in the Moose family.

Tonight, we celebrate your life Bob and the blessing it brought to ours, you will live on forever in our hearts and memories.