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Paula Jorgensen Mighty Moose Hockey Coaches



2005 – Present: Mighty Moose Ice Hockey Club: Founder & President

2006-2012 Inter-County Scholastic Hockey League (ICSHL): Director of Girls’ Division

2004-2006: Conestoga Girls Varsity Founder and Manager

Paula founded the Mighty Moose in 2005 with the sole purpose of providing a home for girls and women who wanted to play ice hockey. The Mighty Moose soon became an extended hockey family for its players.

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Over the course of the years, our program has grown to a competitive level and although we are proud to have reached that level of competition, we have not turned our back on the developmental side of our program which enables us to help new players and create an internal feeder system for our more competitive levels. Our “Rookies” of today are our skilled players of tomorrow.

Paula is the heart and soul of the Mighty Moose and she nurtures and encourages every single player herself, ensuring they are given the best possible opportunities to develop as hockey players and people.

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USA Hockey Certified Level 4 Coach

Mighty Moose Hockey Coaches Ryan Musial



I grew up on a street where the teenagers were always playing hockey, and they finally let me join in at age 5 or 6. Hockey wasn’t as prominent a sport at that time, so there were no teams to really play for. In high school a few friends and I petitioned, canvassed, and fund-raised to start a school team, and I had to do almost the same thing to revive a fledgling NCAA D3 club at Widener University. Since then, I’ve played in adult leagues with the friends I’ve made along the way.

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As my oldest daughter (of three) grew more and more interested in the sport I’ve found my love of the game expanding from player/spectator to player/coach. As a coach, I have enjoyed watching the players develop both on the ice and off, establishing friendships, sharing in the experiences of major milestones, and building the skills, confidence, and mindsets that will help them become successful adults.

Brian Sagirs Mighty Moose Hockey Coaches


Brian’s journey in the world of ice hockey is a tale of passion rekindled and dedication to the sport. Growing up as a fervent Flyers fan in the late 80s in the suburbs of South Jersey, Brian’s love for hockey initially found expression in street and dek hockey. However, the opportunity to play real ice hockey only materialized when his local high school introduced a team. Brian embraced the chance and went on to spend three impactful years playing Varsity hockey, followed by additional years on club teams during his college days.

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As life unfolded, school, career, and various responsibilities took center stage, prompting Brian to step away from the game he loved. Fast forward two decades, and a new chapter begins when his young daughter, Riley, expresses interest in playing ice hockey. This spark reignites Brian’s passion for the sport, drawing him back onto the ice. Little did he know that this return would lead him into the dynamic realm of coaching girls’ hockey.

Brian’s coaching journey has been shaped by his daughter’s progression through the years. A dedicated mentor, he has lent his expertise to teams like the Delco Dragons, Delco Phantoms, Little Flyers, JR Flyers, and their new hockey family, the Mighty Moose.

Despite the passage of time, Brian remains an active player, striving to hit the ice regularly. His enthusiasm is palpable as he channels his energy into developing young

players, sharing the wealth of knowledge he has amassed over the years about the sport that holds a special place in his heart. For Brian, coaching is not just a role; it’s a heartfelt commitment to nurturing the next generation of hockey enthusiasts and passing on the love for the game.

Coach Brian holds a USA Hockey Level 4 Certification.

Mighty Moose Hockey Coach Dave Shultz


Dave Schultz is a dedicated figure in the realm of girls’ varsity hockey, with an extensive involvement spanning over a decade. Hailing from Downingtown, he embodies the spirit of his hometown, having played ice hockey for Downingtown back in the vibrant era of the 1980s.

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Having been an integral part of the inaugural Dynamites program, Dave Schultz has left an indelible mark as a coach, steering teams such as the Exton Kings, West Chester Quakers, and Exton Elite. His coaching journey is marked by remarkable achievements, with teams under his guidance participating in various playoffs, including DVHL, MAWHA, Atlantic District, ICSHL, and the prestigious Nationals and Flyers Cup.

Dave’s coaching prowess has not only brought teams to playoffs but has also resulted in notable victories, including Atlantic District championships and two Flyers Cup Championships. His unwavering commitment revolves around constant improvement, ensuring that every encounter with his teams contributes to their progress. Dave’s unique approach fosters a deeper understanding of the game, empowering his players to make informed decisions—a skill he believes extends beyond the rink, shaping the young ladies into individuals capable of making great decisions in their future endeavors.

Beyond his coaching duties with the D-West scholastic team, Dave Schultz has recently joined the Mighty Moose, broadening the scope of his coaching contributions to players beyond their scholastic setting.

In his leisure moments, Dave indulges in a diverse array of activities. From fishing and crabbing to navigating his ATV and Dirt bike, he finds solace in tie-dying and working on his car. A proud father, Dave also dedicates time to attending his daughter’s ice hockey games at the University of Delaware, showcasing a holistic and passionate approach to both his personal and coaching life.

Mighty Moose Hockey Coaches Jon Georgopilos

Jon Georgopulos

Mighty Moose Hockey Coaches Justin Goodman


Mighty Moose Hockey Coaches Chris Gomez

Chris Gomez